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Things to See & Do in Sicily

Mount Etna
Europe’s most foreboding active volcano, Mount Etna dominates Sicily’s horizon. Guided walks and tours to the very brink of the crater are available for those who dare to take a peek.

Godfather Tour
As setting for the Godfather trilogy, Sicily is can be oddly familiar in places. Take the official tour of shooting locations and find yourself in the heart of the murky mafia action.

Valley of the Temples
Found near the town of Agrigento, the Valley of the Temples is a throwback to a time when Greeks ruled the island. Crumbling remains of ancient edifices stand in what is an otherwise dusty, deserted patch of land.

Aeolian Islands
Floating off the north coast of Sicily are the seven tiny Aeolian Islands. Dispersed haphazardly through the sparkling waters, they most definitely merit a slow-paced island-hopping tour during your stay.